Gables Divorce Mediation, Inc. provides the logical solutions you look for when you are seeking a mediated divorce from a Certified Family Mediator. Owned and operated by Cristina Carbonell, an experienced professional with a background in conflict resolution and psychology, she acknowledges and understands the communication barriers that are often present between spouses who have decided to divorce. Therefore, our practice specializes in assisting couples in overcoming those barriers while expressing their individual needs and formulating a plan that can ultimately lead to a Settlement Agreement that everyone can be satisfied with.

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Mediation is a far smarter and more reasonable manner when considering a divorce. The alternative is a very expensive, lengthy battle that is destructive for each member of the family—children, in particular.

At Gables Divorce Mediation, Inc., we take you and your family's difficult situation seriously by putting all of our efforts into helping you reach an agreement in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

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